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This animated instructional guide explains and demonstrates the correct use of the Female Condom (FC2) – a condom worn by the receptive partner inside the vagina (or if the internal ring is removed, inside the anus). The clip is American, quite clinical and only demonstrates female condom use in a heterosexual, vaginal intercourse context but is still a clear and informative introduction to the Female Condom.

Key Terms

Condom (female)
The female, insertive condom, femidom, or FC2 is another barrier method to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs, as well as pregnancy. The condom is inserted  into the vagina (or anus) before intercourse.

Barrier method
A barrier method is a physical barrier that prevents the exchange of bodily fluids (e.g. semen, vaginal fluid, saliva and blood). While barrier methods may be used as a contraceptive, they also prevent STIs by blocking the bodily fluids that carry infections . There are four main types of barrier methods: Insertive (male) condoms, receptive (female) condoms, dams and gloves.

For more key terms, visit our Glossary of Definitions page.

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