The University of Melbourne Health and Wellness in partnership with YEAH have joined together to create the Agents of YEAH: University of Melbourne edition! This will be the University of Melbourne’s first student-led, student-run sexual health peer-education group! Students who express interest will be offered a sexual health training by YEAH and in turn will be able to help teach their fellow students on campus about sexual health and safe sex.


How will you be involved on campus?

You will be equipped and supported to teach workshops in different topics such as sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination as well as healthy relationships and consent to your fellow peers. Similarly, you will be able to attend events such as Wellness Week at University of Melbourne and promote safe sex with condoms, ‘I Love Safe Sex’ slapbands and temporary tattoos!


What will you gain as a student?

  • Training in Sexual Health
  • Be more job-ready (facilitation skills)
  • Written Reference from YEAH
  • Certificate of Completion from UniMelb and YEAH
  • Be part of national network of peer-educators in sexual health

If you are interested in public health, preventative health, health and wellness or merely just would like to make new friends that are interested in similar things, fill out the form below!