Bag within


Description: ‘Bag within’ represents vantage and perspective. The work shows the complexity of the object when viewed from a different perspective, in this way it relates to the theme ‘Hope for the Future – Towards a HIV Free Generation’ because it asks the viewer to consider the bag in a different way allowing for a change in ideology- so too can the broader public begin to consider issues like the AIDS pandemic from a different vantage; understanding, acknowledgment, awareness and respect are the present we can harness and the future we can work towards.

Britten’s War


Description: My work reflects my personal impression of “The War Requiem”, composed by Benjamin Britten, who used settings from poems by Wilfred Owen. Both, Britten and Owen were gay, fighting actively against violence, for minority rights, and for human rights in general. I believe my interpretation of the requiem is most appropriate as an inspiration for the serious struggle against AIDS, towards HIV Free Generation, from the darkness — towards the bright road ahead

Blood work


Description: Blood Work is a direct reference to the blood and blood vessels of the human body. The work that has been done using technology has lead to a greater understanding of the disease and facilitates the possibility of creating an HIV Free Generation.
Raw silk fibres and fabric have been dyed with plant and animal dyes to create the appearance of blood vessels. The magnified slide is made from clear resin that looks like blood plasma under the microscope.
The textile is permanently suspended in position. It is only via the audience member manipulating the slide inside a lo-fi microscope that movement occurs.

Castle of knowledge


Description: Our collective efforts and knowledge around the sad matter of the disease are now more organised and accurate than ever and have formed institutions and establishments strong enough to make a change and light the way to a better future. This social awareness and hopeful defence is illustrated as a fairy tale castle with its lights on, resisting darkness and offering a safe place to stay.



Description: This piece is from my trip to East Timor in 2012. The youth of Timor are incredibly inspirational. Community groups like this one we visited, work to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV. They work with the children of the communities because they see that it not only can then be taught to the parents by the children creating a healthy and safe household but it will also be a health habit that child will continue for the rest of their life. Its magical how the education of the children of society can make such a huge difference.