Community Noise


Day 2 of O-week and the Agents of Yeah were at it again in Queensland yesterday as they took UQ (the University of Queensland) by storm spreading safe sex awareness faster than you can say ‘free condoms’.


With a little help from the queer collective society and the ever trusty Big Brother Red (the giant inflatable condom),  the stall was swarmed by students eager to be educated, cleaning out the supply of collateral within the first hour.


Students were weary at first but were quickly lured in by the enthusiasm of the agents, gaining an awareness and better knowledge of sexual health and the tools to put that knowledge to good use.


In 2010 there were 278 new HIV diagnoses amongst youth in Australia and this number will only increase if we don’t better educate ourselves and those around us. Sexual health is something that everyone should be comfortable and confident talking about and that’s what we, as Agents of Yeah, are here for.


The day was a massive success with hundreds of students filtering through the stall improving their knowledge of safe sex and becoming aware of the risks that can befall anybody not using protection properly. The Queensland team’s next target is QUT (Queensland University of Technology) with the O-week market stalls coming to an end we’ll be out in force educating and equipping students with a happy and healthy sexual and overall wellbeing.


Written by Kyle Chapman, Brisbane Agent

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