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The results of the survey were submitted to Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) along with a series of recommendations on how young Australia’s felt sex education in Australian schools could be improved.

Now we would like to share with you the final round of feedback and recommendations YEAH submitted to ACARA last week on the second draft of the Australian Health and Physical Education Curriculum.


In the second round of consultations, it was great to see that ACARA had made many improvements on the inclusion of sexual health in the Australian curriculum. We hope this is a reflection of listening to the voices of Australians who took part in the Let’s Talk About Sex survey and many others who put a lot of pressure on the need to drastically address and improve sexual health education in our schools.

To all of you who are passionate about sexual health education, remember, the greatest challenge that still lies ahead is in the implementation of the curriculum and working diligently with all State and Territory Governments who will ultimately be responsible for how the Australian Curriculum gets translated into their local schools.


The team at YEAH are looking forward to working together with you to make sexual health education better for all young Australians no matter which school they go to!


Please click here to read YEAH’s latest submission and recommendations to ACARA on sexual health education in the Australian Curriculum. To read the full draft curriculum click here.


Alischa Ross



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