Community Noise

The trans* experience is a long and complicated one which can take a positive or negative turn at multiple intervals in the individual’s life. To begin to understand the issues surrounding being trans*, such as discrimination, mental health, and lack of visibility, we as an entirety can begin to change how the world views genders and treats people of varying genders. And for anyone questioning? Montana and Beck have a few pieces of advice: “Check out online communities! Tumblr was great for me. Just knowing that there are other people out there like you, even if you don’t see it on TV or in your physical community. There are always people writing new discourse on gender that are accessible and coming from trans folks themselves that are navigating the world right now.” says Montana. Beck adds “ Your feelings are valid, even if there are people that tell you they aren’t. Coming out and finding who you are can be scary, but even if you have one person for support, it’s worth the struggle to get through. Don’t give up, there are always people willing to help. You are loved, and you are important.”
So remember: as a cisgendered person validate their identity, provide support, and get involved in trans* issues ranging from promoting education to getting laws passed. Together, we can make a change for good.

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