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‘Sexting’ is a recent term, which combines ‘sex’ and ‘texting’, to describe the use of technology for sharing personal sexual content.  The term and method might be new but the practice of sharing personal sexual images is as old as cave paintings.

Why do some people sext? Well it can be foreplay for some or a sexy way to tell your partner that you miss them! Whatever the reason, sometimes it can go wrong and you should know the facts and how to seek help if you need it.


Some sexting laws exist in Australia but are different in each state and are changing all the time – So keep that in mind. For current information on laws in your state click here.

Most of the time, intimate pics are shared between love interests or sex partners, and let’s be honest, you wouldn’t send them if you didn’t trust the other person would you? Many images shared never leave the intended recipient, even when the relationship ends. But ask yourself, if we break up or lose interest in each other, will this person respect me enough to delete the images or at least not to share my pictures? How well do you really know them? 


Sexting is on the increase in Australia with more and more younger people partaking. Do your friends sext? If they do, why not share your questions or thoughts and any positive and/or negative experiences with them so we can all figure out together what we should consider about sexting.


Did you or a friend send a naked or sexual photo or video to someone and then regret it? What can you do?

Here’s some great advise from Cybersmart for teens facing this situation but there’s heaps of valuable info for people of all ages too:

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