Community Noise

“In sex Ed class in year 8, the teacher asked us to come up with words that related to sex. The usual things came up like penis and vagina and all of the other names you can give them, different sexual acts and of course different forms of protection, which I suggested Dental Dams. The teacher wrote each one up on the board and then rubbed out every term that they deemed ‘inappropriate’ and promptly erased dental dam. This resulted in me having a large argument with the teacher in front of the class and they eventually wrote it back on the board in defeat.” M.G.


“My memory of sex ed was our year 8 middle aged P.E teacher complaining about how inappropriate it was to teach sex ed then continued on to tell us if we don’t want AIDS, babies or itchy bits to use condoms or refrain from having sex all together.” A.D


“We were separated into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Our ‘cutaway’ diagrams didn’t even show the location of the clitoris.” M.D


“When, randomly one day for science, our aging male science teacher walked out the front of the all girls class, business as usual, with a plastic banana, which he then pulled the ‘skin’ off to reveal a penis. No warning. We then put condoms on the banana dong and upon everyone having a turn returned to business as usual science class….the next year we watched that awful sex ed cartoon video, where all the cartoon people talked Sims language? Wow, way to make sexual characters relatable and age appropriate guys! Good thing I got decent sex ed in primary school!” C.F.B


“I’m a teacher and whenever I give sex ed classes I make all the students go out beforehand and by their own condom so they can experience what it’s like.” F.S.


“Our chaplain told us how much he enjoyed sex, which basically ruined it for the rest of us.” G.D.


“I watched a hideous video of someone giving birth. I know that’s not even sex ed but that’s what we got. And because everyone was so traumatised by it, it was spoken about a lot, I think it was also because it was just shown to us out of nowhere without any warning. And we did the banana thing. Our PE teacher also asked us to write any questions we had about sex on a piece of paper and put it in a box, and she read them out anonymously. Except it wasn’t really anonymous. Everyone knew who had written what.” L.H.


“I went to an all boys’ school ‘Sex Ed’ consisted of filthy, fabricated stories of prowess and nothing at all from staff.” N.K.


“We had Healthy Harold come and visit our school. We essentially went into a dank, smelly van to learn about sexual health from a puppet giraffe.” B.W.


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