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Schoolies VictoriaSchoolies is a great opportunity for YEAH to connect with young people during an important stage in their life, as they transition from school to the workplace, or on to further education. It’s an important milestone in the transitioning from adolescence to adulthood and exploring their newfound independence. For many this maturity also includes exploring their bodies, sexuality and relationships.

Luckily YEAH’s peer educators were on hand to discuss all things safe sex!

YEAH’s Schoolies activities spanned three weeks in three different cities as we educated relieved school leavers about sexual health, healthy relationships and consent.

Our Schoolies activities kicked off on November 20th in sunny South Australia where our Agents of YEAH partnered with the wonderful team at SAMESH and SHineSA. Together YEAH and SAMESH distributed 200+ ‘show-bags’ for Schoolies attendees, filled to the brim with condom tins, info booklets and useful guides to local hassle free STI testing.

Miranda, Adelaide Peer-Educator: “With silliness comes risk, and with risk comes the Agents of YEAH to educate and provide materials for the best, safest sex ever!”

Next stop, Surfers Paradise! Always the most popular spot for school leavers searching for sun and sand! The team of Agents set up camp in one of the main shopping areas and handed out condom tins, slap bands and lollies to the masses of wandering school leavers. Some young people hesitated to engage but were then encouraged by their friends, “Aww yeah! I need condoms! Don’t wanna catch Chlamydia”. The day was a great success with more than 300 condoms handed out in the first hour!

Monica, Brisbane Peer Educator: “A conversation here, a conversation there, we were having real discussion about the importance of safer sex practices.”

Our final Schoolies destination was the Victorian Surf Coast! The Melbourne peer-education team spent an action packed two days along the beautiful Great Ocean Road. The Surf Coast Council invited our peer-educators to spend time on their youth bus “The Streetsurfer” as well as join their free BBQ’s for Schoolies crowds in both Torquay and Lorne. The Agents were armed and ready to educate with 500 condom tins, the Wheelie Sexy wheel and of course, our trusty friend, Big Red. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we’ll definitely be continuing our work with Schoolies in 2016!

Kassy, Melbourne Peer Educator: “We left the Great Ocean Road with awesome memories, sunburn and having achieved a childhood dream of visiting the Round the Twist lighthouse.”

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