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Earlier this year we ran a competition for our followers to win tickets to Groovin’ the Moo. Winners were chosen based on their answers to the question, “What’s a creative way you’d promote safe sex to your mates?”


Part of the promise of this comp was that the winners’ ideas would be put into action in the YEAH Aware campaign.


We took a poll and asked our sexual-health-peer-educator-extraordinaires, the Agents of YEAH, to tell us which of ideas they thought would best suit the Red audience and this one was one of the runaway favourites!


What we want you to do is take your favourite song, write a safe sex cover version, record it (on your phone/webcam or wotnot) and upload it to YouTube.


The video with the most views will win, so make sure you share it with your friends, family and anyone else in your virtual vicinity.


You can cover ANY song, but here’s a couple that might lend themselves pretty easily to safe sex messages…


    • Let’s talk about sex- Salt’n’Pepa
    • I wanna be your lover- Prince
    • SexyBack- Justin Timberlake


Below is a list of video and song elements we’re looking for. To increase your chance of winning, try to make your entry:


-inclusive of diverse sexualities and genders

-not just about physical sexual health but also incorporating messages about healthy relationships, respect and consent


-sex positive

-no inappropriate language (eg NO swearwords or shame words like ‘slut’ etc)

-inclusive of as many types of safe sex as possible (think outside the square, it’s not ALL about male condoms, people!)


Here’s some vids for inspiration: WARNING- ‘Look at this Instagram’ WILL get stuck in your head. It’s atrocious/incredible.


Look at this Instagram- Nickelback parody


Call me maybe- Baby style parody


Condom Style- Gangnam Style parody


To enter, all you have to do is upload your video to Youtube and email the link to with the subject line ‘Safe sex song cover.’


The winner will be the video with the most views!


(But please note, YEAH has the right to disqualify any video that uses inappropriate or derogatory language or ideas … this includes but is not exclusive to; sexism, racism, homophobia and shaming. You must read the competition Terms and Conditions and your video should also comply with the YouTube terms of service. That means no plagiarism so don’t use other people’s copy written  audio!)


Now, off you go, get singing!



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