Community Noise

On Sunday the YEAH Aware crack team of volunteers headed down to Birrurung Marr in Melbourne to the Midsumma Carnival. If you’re not from Victoria, or haven’t heard of it before Midsumma is Melbourne’s big celebration of queer culture – kinda like Sydney’s Mardi Gras.


We were down there at the Youth Stage, along with Minus18 and headspace. It was a great day and a great opportunity to chat to people about safer sex, and give out condoms and condom tins. As usual the condoms were a huge hit; my particular favourite was a lady who was grabbing handfuls and handfuls for her daughters. Being a queer event we also had some pretty great chats about same-sex safer sex, especially with ladies who were


into learning about dental dams (a sheet of latex used a barrier for oral/vaginal or oral/anal contact) and into learning how to make a dam out of a condom. Safer sex is more than condoms on penises; there’s heaps of sexual practices that can be done safely (without skimping on the pleasure), to minimize risk. Hopefully we got that message out there at Midsumma


Overall it was a really great vibe at the Youth Stage, with lots of awesome young people and DJs playing all day long (and not too much Lady Gaga which was a surprise). We can’t wait to do it all again next year!



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