Community Noise


On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Minus18‘s new magazine; OMG I’m Queer. Well, I say launch but to be honest it was a thinly veiled dance party, with speeches at the start. If you don’t know who Minus18 are, they’re Australia’s largest support network for gay, lesbian and queer teenagers. They run dance parties, other social events and work with other organisations to advocate for the inclusion and wellbeing of GLBTIQ young people. To be honest you’ll get a far better understanding of what they’re about by watching the above video, which is pretty amazing and moving.


OMG I’m Queer is Minus18’s spanky new magazine, which is full to the gills with stories, articles, art and helpful advice for young queer Australians (plus we get a mention – yay!) . As one of the contributors pointed out what’s really great about it is that a lot of stuff out there for young queer people addressing the whole ‘coming out’ part, but not a heap that deals with what to do if you’re young and out. This resource does that really well, with articles on stuff like partying, sex and homophobia. Congratulations to everyone at Minus18 who was involved in this amazing new magazine that will help and inform young people, queer or not. If you see a copy, grab it!



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