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Yesterday Miranda Niklas ran a YEAH Aware event for her classmates at Northcote High School. These are their stories. 




I hosted my red aware party for my homeroom class at school yesterday. First I started out with a quick brain storm of STI’s: names, symptoms, treatments, long term issues if left untreated and more.


The class just yelled out their ideas and they were all written on a white board.

After this I read through some facts and gave around the STI wheel and STI sheets for people to read and to clear up any misconceptions.


We all gathered in a circle and someone picked a card with an STI fact on it, the fact was whispered around the circle and hearing the final outcome compared to the actual fact gave a good indication that all the facts people previously found out from friends may not be true.



After this I told the class to get into groups or people they were comfortable with and gave them all a square card. They discussed this card in their groups and when they were done some shared their groups ideas to the rest of the class. This was a really good activity!!


The STI info cards were then given out to each individual student and any questions were answered.


The class wasn’t too keen on making badges out of condoms because they knew they couldn’t use this condom once it was a badge so they were all given some condoms, condom cases etc. The main contributors and people that said things they usually wouldn’t in this environment were given YEAH bags.


The class ended with the students reading through their information, asking questions and talking about the YEAH Aware program.


This was an amazing program and really worked well on the class.



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