Community Noise

The NYSC will be a panel of young people dedicated to two specific tasks:


1- Taking creative license over YEAH’s five key annual events

2- Working alongside YEAH’s staff and board to shape the organisation’s future directions


We’re inviting young people (15-29) with an interest in sexual health, youth participation, health promotion or event management to apply now for the National Youth Sexual Health Council.


The council will be made up of a diverse group of young people with 5 active YEAH peer educators, 5 young people who identify as representing other youth or sexual health organisations, and 5 individuals not affiliated with any other organisation (so even if you don’t have any previous experience with sexual health, we’d still love to hear from you!)


Members of the NYSC can put their hand up to take on roles such as chairperson and will have the option of nominating which of YEAH’s five key events they’d prefer to be assigned to (International Condom Day, University O’Weeks, National Youth Week, Schoolies or World AIDS Day).


If this sounds like something you (or an amazing young person in your life) would be interested in, applications are open NOW! Read a more detailed position description and submit your application  at


*Applications are due by the close of business on Tuesday the 30th of April.



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