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We had 5 limited edition “YEAH: It’s Alright, as long as it’s safe” posters signed by Matt and Kim, as well as 5 of Matt and Kim’s albums to give away. We asked Faster Louder readers and YEAH Aware supporters to share with us the strangest excuse they’d ever heard NOT to have safe sex.


The answers were at times hilarious, and at others quite worrying.


Here are our lucky winners:


  •  Alanna Dolan from Golden Square, Vic
    “But we’re in the bath… won’t the chemicals in the bubbles kill my sperm anyway?”

  • Abbey Farlow from Coffs Harbour, NSW
    “But I’m wearing a poncho!”

  • Merryl Don from Redlynch, QLD
    “It’s all part of a conspiracy to control our minds and bodies. We need to fight the system and be more natural.”

  • Shannon Stewart from Beeliar, WA
    “Because it feels better without it and that if she went to the toilet straight after that she wouldn’t get pregnant. True story!”

  • Claire Harrison from Wahroonga, NSW
    “They said ‘I’m lazy’…  If you can’t be bothered with something that simple, how can you have enough energy for decent sex?!”


We know you already know this, but we’re going to say it again anyway because it’s super important:


-Going to the toilet after sex DOES NOT prevent pregnancy

-Wearing a poncho DOES NOT prevent STIs

-Bubble bath IS NOT a spermicide

-Safe sex IS GOOD SEX!


Stay tuned for our new video featuring Matt and Kim racing each other to put condoms on our famous ‘Big Red’ dildo.


Thanks to Matt and Kim for getting on board with YEAH’s safe-sex-Groovin-the-Moo-adventure! If you’d like to download the poster, click here.

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