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Our placement student Katherine Georgakopoulos shares some common thoughts about using condoms. 


They really aren’t that bad! Slip it on and go nuts or if you decide not to use one, just make sure you both get checked first – easy as pie!


And besides, picking up a hotty isn’t something to brag about if you pick up an STI along the way! I was curious to see how many people are actually practicing safe sex so I decided to stir up some convos with my mates to see what their attitudes were; to my surprise many of them knew the risk of contracting a STI but didn’t do much to prevent it. Because they held an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude.

Here are some interesting anecdotes from the discussions I had with some friends:


‘Nah babe, I always have safe sex, I’m on the pill’.   (Nah! That doesn’t protect you from nasty diseases.)


‘I didn’t have one on me at the time, and to be honest I didn’t really care’.  (This person has caught an STI.)


“The guy was hot, he didn’t look like he would have a STI.’  (Most people don’t show symptoms.)


‘I’d love it if girls carried condoms because I am so unreliable, especially when I’m not sober.’


‘It should just be a reflex, like, you shouldn’t even need to talk about it, if I need to ask someone to use a condom I just say ‘Oi buddy, wrap it up!’ and then get on with it’.


‘It seems to me that most young people are terrified of getting preggers but they are happy to pick up chick with a STI ?’


‘My Dr. made me have a test, I was dreading it, but it was actually really quick and simple’.


Having wild sex with a condom is much more convenient than having to get tested every time you have unprotected sex.’


‘No dinger means no root, even if she is mint as.’


‘When I found out I had chlamydia I just told the guy and he got a check before we had sex again.’


‘My GF and I have both been checked, she is on the pill but we still use condoms, we are upfront with each other and we have awesome sex all the time.’


So, after all the very interesting conversations, my very simple advice is to wear your love glove before you go smashing boxes and girls don’t be afraid to take control; I’m sure if you can fit a gazillion unnecessary items in your handbag, you can surely fit a rubber in there. And lastly, you might not know you have an STI until it becomes serious, and if left untreated, it can lead to infertility, cancer or a life threatening infection


PS – Sex is awesome and young people are doing it like rabbits, however they are neglecting to protect their jewels, and as a result STI rates are quickly rising, in fact three quarters of STI cases are in young people! Time to wrap it up people!
What are your views on condoms?


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