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In our office we talk a lot about condoms. At any given time we can be surrounded by thousands of the suckers, so it’s easy for us to become a little bit blasé about these pretty amazing little bits of lubricated latex.


However over the last month some of our preconceptions and understandings around condoms have been shattered. And shattered in the coolest way possible: via Animation.


Let me explain, a few months ago we wanted to do something fun and new for World AIDS Day (which is the 1st of December), and we really liked the idea of doing a fun and quirky animation.


Luckily we know the perfect people for fun and quirky animation; the unruly mob of (mostly Melbourne based) animators known as Loop de Loop. Loop de Loop run a monthly challenge where entrants have to make an animation to a theme, and the animation has to repeat, or ‘loop’ – get it?

So once we’d worked out that Loop de Loop were the perfect animation partners, all we needed to do was come up with a theme, and to be honest that took all of 5 seconds. Condoms.  It’s a bit of a no brainer – they’re the most effective way to prevent HIV and other STIs PLUS they’ve got heaps of comic potential.


Fast forward to December and the guys at Loop de Loop certainly  didn’t disappoint, with around 20 animations submitted there was an amazing range and diversity of condom themed animations. Here are a few of our favourites.



Daniel Luke didn’t just animate his entry, he sung and ukulele-d it as well! Just wait till the chorus and you’ll be blown away.



In a clever use of ‘fruit-as-metaphor-for-genitals’ Lochie Axon stole our hearts with his simple, catchy and very cute animation.



Simone Bennett impressed us with her sailor themed (seamen?) animation, and not only because of the awesome line ‘nautical but nice’ but because it was one of the few explicitly same sex focussed loops.



If you’re looking for a badass STI-kicking ninja condom (and let’s be honest – aren’t we all?) Marta Tesoro has animated just the thing.

When we suggested to Loop de Loop that they have a ‘condom’ theme we really had no idea what to expect, and frankly, we’ve been blown away by the breadth and quality of the animations. It’s really great to see so many amazing and talented people promoting safer sex in such a fun and engaging way.  You should definitely check out all the entries over at Loop de Loop.


To everyone at Loop de Loop and to all the animators who took part in the November World AIDS Day Condom Challenge I’d like to say a huge thank you from the whole YEAH team and myself.


– Felix Scholz, YEAH

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