Community Noise

Jesse and Cammy at Brisbane Pride Fair

Local leader (and my housemate) Camille and I rose with the sun to piece together our most fabulous outfits for a day of fun in the sun at the Brisbane Pride Fair. Aching from our fabulousness, we lugged boxes of merchandise to Perry Park in Bowen Hills, where we were directed to our very own patch of grass we were to call home for the day.


After littering the table in front of us with YEAH Aware merchandise, the crowd slowly trickled through the gates, and it wasn’t long before bags and condoms were being snatched from our hands, as we fielded questions from punters and tried our darnedest to not be distracted by the many dogs that had a better dress sense than us.


As a part of the Brisbane Pride Festival, and immediately following the Pride March, the event drew a large, colourful crowd of all ages, there to enjoy the many community stalls, musical guests, tasty snacks and, most importantly, the jumping castle. YEAH Aware proved to be a hit with the Fair-goers, as our stocks of pamphlets, bags and condoms was soon depleted, giving Camille and I the opportunity to wander the Park to see what else the Fair had to offer, before yielding to the pressure of maintaining such fabulousness and returning home to nap.


Overall, it was a great day. We met some great people, and made some great connections with various community groups. It was great to see the LGBTIQ community of Brisbane out in full force to celebrate everything that makes them special, and we look forward to doing it all over again next year!


Sunday, 16th of September



Written by Jesse Armistead, Brisbane Agent of YEAH.

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