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It’s that time of the year again, when Uni students come out of their three month hibernation to participate in a week of giving, only second to Christmas in July- Orientation Week celebrations.


O-week celebrations range from club sign-on day market stalls, to inaugural college Toga parties. So naturally that means a lot of fresh student faces, new found freedoms, high consumptions of alcohol and for some, getting lucky…if you know what i mean (and I’m sure you do!).

This is the Brisbane AofY’s second year of attending the O’week festivities, so you could say we were quite prepared. With the overwhelming success of our stalls last year, we didn’t want to get caught in the lurch, so we ordered thousands of condoms, badges, STI pocket facts and other safe sex goodies.


Condom badges pre-prepared, enough stickers to cover a double decker bus and our giant inflatable condom ready to become erect at the sight of any safe sexual health promotion, the team were ready to spread the love…of the safe variety.


With recent studies showing that young people make up around 75% of those newly diagnosed with STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections), our message was simple: “HIV and STI’s are still here!” and they don’t discriminate, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure they practice safe sex.

The team arrived at the bright and early time of 9am (well early, relative to Uni students). Always ready to lead by example, Big Red (our beloved red dildo) was placed at the centre of our stall, ready to educate the masses. The team spent the rest of the morning handing out condoms, educating young people about the risks of unprotected sexual activities and Cammy’s famous condom tutorial examples with Big Red.


It would appear that Griffith students were all to keen to practice safe sex as our stock had run out before lunch time. Stoked with the student response and how our morning went overall, we packed up Big Red and were done for the day.


University of Queensland, St Lucia campus is on our radar for Day 2 of our Uni O’week take-over, and this time we’re stocking up with even more supplies. Stay tuned for our next installment and remember if it’s not on, it’s not on!


Written by Alex Tanglao, Brisbane Local Leader

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