Community Noise

Over two days, myself and 30 other young people came together at the YEAH Aware HQ in Melbourne. The aim: a workshop targeted at providing information and education for people wishing to become peer educators.


The workshop aimed at equipping us with the appropriate background about the organization, and from there we got down into the juicier details relating to sexual health awareness and peer education.


Throughout the process the knowledge that we gained came from a place of succinct scientific sources, incredible insight and at times really moving and poignant personal stories from those around us. The environment that we all created was one that was completely unencumbered by putting a whole range of unique and diverse people in a room together. This was awesome because it meant that we were already partaking in peer education- by gaining different perspectives and ideas from those around us.


Personally, it was awesome for me to be involved in such a youth targeted event. The information was spot on. The delivery was incredible. And the vibrant and buzzing mood that was generated by all who were present came from a place of empowerment and excitement to generate and facilitate education and change around us.


The other main stand out for me was the incredible people that I met and got to interact with. We all came together on a really great level that revolved around mutual respect and genuine interest for what others had to say. I think a lot of this revolves around the fact that for me, it is one of the first times in my life that I have ever met other young people that share a passion for sexual health and are of similar mindset to me!


I would also like to thank the team who sacrificed their weekend to deliver and pull of such a successful event. They worked tirelessly to answer any questions, put us at ease and be as straight forward and inclusive as possible.


I could not recommend this highly enough for all who want to get involved!!!!!!


For more info about the Agents of YEAH program, check out our new Program Description (pdf). To express your interest in becoming an AoY please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


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