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For those of you who don’t know my name is Liam Allen.  I’ve been a YEAH volunteer for going on three years and on Saturday 22 February I had the pleasure of working along side Alischa Ross and the gang from YEAH at White Night Festival in Melbourne.

For those who weren’t able to make it to white Night, YEAH had the responsibility of running the ‘Love MELBOURNE’ activity.  This activity aimed to encourage the general public to write what they love about our beautiful city on Kevron Key chains and then attach these key chains to the sculpture.

‘Love MELBOURNE’ was a smashing success with over 7,000 Kevron key chains being attached to the sculpture over the night.  The team and I worked hard explaining what we were doing to thousands upon thousands of people in Swanston Street.  Over the night, I was responsible for spruiking the activity. What’s spruiking you say? Spruiking is the art of yelling very loudly to thousands of listeners about what we were doing, and explaining how the general public could be involved, thankfully I didn’t have to do this alone as another volunteer Ash McAlister was there and we took it in turns.

The sculpture will be on display at the Queen Victoria markets from Wednesday 26 February. Eventually, it will make its way to the International AIDS Conference being held in Melbourne in July, where delegates will be invited to take a piece of the sculpture with them back to their home countries. Delegates will be able to share with their friends back home what Melbournians love about our fantastic city. So, if you missed out on attaching your own personal message to the sculpture you will be able to do so at the Queen Victoria market, we hope to see you there.

-Liam Allen

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