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On Wednesday 9 April 2014, ten YEAH agents gathered in Melbourne for Local Leader (LL) training: two by two from Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbaneand Melbourne. Out-of-towners settled in at the Space Hotel then shared dinner with the delightful YEAH staff.
The next four days were a flurry of learning, lubrication, lyrics, leadership and love. Training took place at the Headspace/YEAH office on La Trobe Street. Local Leaders were instructed on how to represent YEAH, deliver training to new agents, facilitate workshops and field difficult questions from young people.
LL training also involved in depth refresher courses on sex, pleasure, consent, peer education, empowerment, HIV, STIs, gender and sexuality. Games, debates and interpretive dance were crucial learning aids. Session highlights were listening to guest speaker Professor Rob Moodie from the Melbourne School of Population Health share stories from his career and discussing gender with trans activist Jez Pez, founder of DUDE magazine.
Partners from each state negotiated their roles and responsibilities then co-presented a component of Agents of YEAH training to practice their new-found skills.
Every day began with a healthy breakfast (supplemented by spoonfuls of Nutella) and ended with a social outing under the guidance of locals’ wisdom. Excursions included karaoke, a (cringe-worthy) comedy show, dumplings and Fitzroy. What happens in Fitzroy stays in Fitzroy
Flying home on Monday was a mixture of enthusiasm to kick-start local initiatives and sadness to bid new friends farewell.
Thank you to the staff at YEAH for hosting us and working so hard, especially to Alex Tanglao and Kaushi Kogar for being wonderful trainers.
‘Train the trainers’ was excellent. Agents, please apply for Local Leader next year! It’s the most fun you’ll have with your pants on.
To find out more information about upcoming trainings, please email

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