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Founded in 2005, YEAH has built Australia’s largest ever online and face-to-face engagement connecting young people with sexual health information and supporting young people to take control of their sexual health through participation and leadership!

Since October 2017 YEAH has found a new home and is now owned and operated by Penington Institute; a leading organisation in health and safety approaches to alcohol and other drug related issues (http://www.penington.org.au ).

This move reflects a vision to continue the legacy of YEAH’s youth led sexual health promotion, and over time expand it to include information on alcohol and other drugs because the links between these areas in young peoples lives are strong and real!

  • In 2015 over 900,000 young people turned to YEAH’s online channels for information on sexual health.
  • Dozens of young people from across Australia subscribe to YEAH’s online campaign each week to receive regular sexual health information.
  • YEAH’s programs unite young people to work together regardless of gender or sexuality to promote inclusive sexual health amongst their peers. 50% of YEAH’s peer educators identify as GLBTIQ+

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Your support will help us re-activate a range of YEAH programs and initiatives, including our focus on peer to peer education.

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From October 2017, Penington Institue has taken over the management and governance of YEAH as one of their program areas.

Empowering Young People – Penington Institue Announcement 20th October 2017

A program focused on empowering young people is at the centre of a revitalised ‘YEAH’ announced today by Penington Institute CEO John Ryan.

For 12 years, YEAH has been empowering young Australians to prevent the spread of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) through participation and leadership. In this time YEAH built Australia’s largest online and face-to-face engagement of young people with sexual health information.

‘Penington Institute’s commitment to evidence based approaches, including workforce development, and community education, will continue and be strengthened by our commitment to guide the next chapter of YEAH’s youth led sexual health awareness and prevention initiatives and over time provide an opportunity to incorporate youth focused information on harm minimisation in relation to alcohol and other drugs.’

‘YEAH complements our programs including needle and syringe program support, Community Overdose Prevention Education (COPE), and awareness campaigns such as International Overdose Awareness Day and Understand Ice.

‘YEAH engages and empowers young people to develop the knowledge tools and skills they need to navigate the often challenging issues of sexual health and sexuality as they journey through adolescence and young adulthood.’

‘YEAH has an exemplary track record in building community engagement, education and empowerment around sexual health with young people and also with many professionals who work with young people including teachers, youth workers and clinicians.

‘We look forward to working closely with these networks and most importantly keeping young people’s voice at the centre of YEAH’s initiatives as work to continue delivering innovative ways to get the message out about understanding risks, looking out for your mates and making informed choices.’

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Penington Institute visit: www.penington.org.au