Welcome to YEAH! World AIDS Day 2015 Edition



World AIDS Day 2015 is coming – Tuesday, December 1, and it’s gonna be big.

World AIDS Day is a time to remember, honour, respect, educate and unite people around the world about HIV/AIDS – one of the most destructive diseases humankind has ever faced. It brought with it profound social, economic and public health consequences and remains one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges.

The global theme for World AIDS Day 2015 is: Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths.

And we know young people are the key to achieving this goal!

The life-saving advances in HIV/AIDS would not have been possible without the advocacy and mobilization efforts of public awareness organizations. Since 2005, YEAH has been a part of that effort – JOIN US IN SPREADING THE WORD THIS WORLD AIDS DAY.

We know you’re busy, but it would be amazing if you would take part.

Got 2 minutes?

Share our video.

Got 4 minutes?

Post a selfie of you (and friends) with the #GettingToZero #GetRedAware message, upload on all your social media networks tagged and we’ll help you share your message with the World.

Got the Giving vibe?

Donate to and/or spread the word about our World AIDS Day donation campaign.

We are always thankful for your support, but especially this World AIDS Day. Here’s to helping #GettingToZero by asking more people to #GetRedAware.



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RT @VicHealth26% of young people think violence can be excused if the perp regrets it. Respectful r'ships education is a key prevention tool. #qanda

Yesterday 11:18 pm

Today Senator Robert Simms slammed the Christian Lobby for it's homophobic attacks on the Safe Schools Coalition. https://t.co/vSuO61bS3m

Yesterday 04:44 pm

If you haven't already, check out #TouchBase. Awesome new #LGBTI info website from @_afao @VACorg @AustDrug https://t.co/Loi3woBA4g

Yesterday 03:48 pm

RT @WhiteRibbonAustShout out to all of the schools taking a stand on #WhiteRibbonDay! Culture change starts with young people today.

Yesterday 12:23 pm

Today is #WhiteRibbonDay. Take action, make a change and say NO to violence against women- today and every other day https://t.co/f5lVdb4lfj

Yesterday 12:22 pm

RT @MichelSidibeVery happy to launch @UNAIDS World AIDS Day report today #FastTrack https://t.co/7aMadsl4vS #WAD2015 #GenevaImpact https://t.co/7w18PqxcTd

Yesterday 12:15 pm